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1930    Preili Town Library is founded by Preili Town Municipality. It is located in 7 Liepu Street and is opened to the public every day from 6 pm. until 10pm.  

1936    The book ‘The Description of Towns’ mentions the existence of Preili Town Library located in 17, Daugavpils Street. The stock of the library consists of 73 volumes. 

1947    First inventory book is started. The library is still located in Daugavpils Street, there is one employee. 

1950    Preili District is established. Preili Town Library is renamed Preili District Library and it starts to serve as a methodological centre to the district libraries. There are two employees. The stock contains 1600 samples and on average the library is visited by 25 readers a day. 

1957    Preili District Library moves to the newly built culture centre building in 28, Rainis Avenue.

 1960    The library stock contains 25,699 books, it is visited by 1,090 readers and there are 3 employees.

 1977    A new centralized system of libraries is introduced and Preili District Library starts to serve as a head library to all libraries of Preili District.

1986    The library moves to the new well-fitted premises in 24a, Rezeknes Street.

1995    The library system is decentralized. Rural libraries are taken over by rural municipalities. Preili District Head Library still maintains methodological and consultative functions. 

1996    First computer is obtained. 

1997    The process of the creation of local online catalogue starts.

1999    The development of the union online catalogue of Preili District libraries starts. Internet access becomes available and the library starts to offer free computer services to its users.

2000    The library, still maintaining district functions, is taken over by Preili Town Council. In February Preili Children’s Library forms the Children’s Department of Preili District Head Library.

2001    European Union information desk is established.                       

2003    The library World Wide Web site ( appears.

2006   The library moves to the new well-fitted premises in 4, Karsavas Street.

Preili District Library is an educational, informational and cultural establishment
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Preili Head Library 4 Karsavas Street, Preili, LV – 5301
Lending Department 5381230, 29991263 Children’s Department 5381231, 28661351 Fax 5381228, 5381230